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Fanatic Promotion

About Fanatic:

Fanatic Promotion was established by Josh Bloom in 1997 as a one-man operation with a passion for building fan-to-fan connections between artists and the media.

Since that time, Fanatic has established a reputation as a taste making and sales driving agency where Josh continues to communicate about the new artists of today that he believes you should be talking about tomorrow.

Read more about Josh and Fanatic here.

Jul 25 '14
Salme Dahlstrom - Pop Ur Heart Out

The Wall Street Journal dubbed musician Salme Dahlstrom a “music licensing queen” when, like Moby before her, she managed to license every track from her 2008 album The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade to various corporations and television programs.

At the time, Dahlstrom, who produces, performs, edits, and mixes all of her tracks herself, was not only just getting noticed, she was just getting started. “C’mon Y’All,” one of catchiest numbers on an album of catchy numbers, climbed Billboard’s Dance Chart and eventually received prominent placements in major ad campaigns for CoverGirl, Suave, and Kellogg’s that ran on primetime network television for months.

While managing what inevitably became a highly successful licensing business, Dahlstrom continued to do the work that got her there, and will now release “Pop Propaganda Volume 2: Retro Funk Soul Junction” on September 16th, 2014. The new six-song collection is preceded by the single “Pop Ur Heart Out” on August 5th, 2014, accompanied by a trio of remixes of the track by SpekrFreks, DJ Phunkae, and Quadrat Beat on August 26th, 2014.

About “Pop Ur Heart Out,” Dahlstrom says, “I felt like bringing some soul and poetry to the party. I used organic instruments - piano and acoustic guitar - and mixed them with glitch effects and Kaoss Pad to give it an electronic edge. It’s one of my new favorites!”

Jun 6 '14
Redvers - Cycle of Welcome

"Quietly Dramatic." - Exclaim

RIYL: Pink Floyd – “Goodbye Blue Sky,” Beck – “Guess I’m Doing Fine,” Iron & Wine – “Naked As We Came”

Recorded in one sitting at San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone, “Truth In Silence” is the just-released debut album from Justin Gill, the Australian songwriter behind Redvers. A prolific artist, Gill is already returning to the studio, having arrived back in the U.S. as of this week to record his follow-up.

"If we concern ourselves with the news, the world can seem remarkably bleak," Gill says when asked to talk about "Cycle of Welcome," the latest single from "Truth In Silence." "But life and it’s struggle is beautiful, and I think to struggle is good. It’s a display of effort towards something pure," he says.

Gill continues, “I was introduced to Eastern philosophies and meditation by my father at a very young age and that helped me embrace the comings and goings of life with simplicity. With politics and religions currently rife with conservative dogma, a lot of people seem to roll their eyes at the words ‘meditation,’ ‘truth,’ and especially God,” he proclaims.

Ultimately, Gill says, “‘Cycle of Welcome’ is about struggling together, and experiencing this crazy world together. My philosophy is simply love. Love is beyond criticism.”

Redvers arrives onto the music scene at a time when the world needs more heart and less noise, and Gill delivers this between the notes of the undulating rhythms and unassuming, visceral prose of his debut album.

The sound of “Truth In Silence” couples the quiet inspiration and literary backdrop of Gill’s majestic Blue Mountain hometown and the realization of his dream of recording in America.

“I was stunned at how quickly it happened, but it all just poured out,” Gill says of the recording experience, captured in just one sitting. “Truth In Silence,” produced by Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof, John Vanderslice, Wooden Wand), is out now.

May 22 '14
Loves It - Dancin'

“‘Dancin’ is about the journey of a young emotionally vulnerable woman who goes out to find love and to try and fufill her potential,” explains Jenny Parrott of Austin-based band Loves It. “More specifically, it’s an autobiographical song about my first love, my music, my dreams and the loss, crisis and ultimate resolution that followed.”

Parrott continues, “My first love was a wonderful musician who invited me to move away to Nebraska and front my first band. It felt like someone had given me the helm of an awesome fireworks show. The problem was that everyone seemed to notice that he was an alcoholic but me. I was 19-years-old, and had been raised by an alcoholic mom with similar behavior.”

"My Dad didn’t want me to go," Parrott says, "But my boyfriend was the first to see the singer and songwriter in me that I wanted to see in myself. But, when he wasn’t sober, he did the things that we know addicts do and I didn’t manage to face it until the end. My Dad saw this from the beginning, but I was so caught up with being in love."

She concludes, “I was blind at the time, but in the end there was resolution: the song ends on a compromise between father and daughter where he shows his love and approval by buying her dancing shoes. I dreamed my Dad took me shopping, and it meant that everything was okay and he could rest somewhat assured that I wouldn’t make any more horrible romantic decisions. In the actual dream the shoes my Dad bought me were bright orange platforms!”

"Dancin’" is the latest single from Loves It’s current "All We Are" album, which, coupled with the duo’s non-stop touring (over 200 shows a year), has attracted the attention of Rolling Stone, Austin’s NPR affiliate KUTX and daily paper the Austin Chronicle, Daytrotter, airplay from Vin Scelsa’s legendary ‘Idiot’s Delight’ radio program and features from Pollstar and the UK’s R2 Magazine since its release in 2013.

Bandmate Vaughn Walters says of the songs sonics that he “Wanted it to have a Steve Earle Guitartown-era kinda feel with a heavy backbeat on the snare and acoustic.”

Loves It is currently finishing up a video shoot for the song and will announce a slew of tour dates in the coming weeks. The band’s “All We Are” album is out now via Team Austin Records.

May 15 '14
Redvers - Impressions

"I’m not a fan of traditional love songs," says Justin Gill, the Australian songwriter behind Redvers. "They seem to tackle the egotistical notion of human love rather than love as a universal expression."

This notion explains how the latest Redvers single “Impressions” started off as a song about a girl that Gill dated, but in his words, “turned into something completely different.”

He explains, “I was single when I was writing this song and going on a few dates, and I began to wonder if I actually was this person I thought I was when I met people. What type of impression was I making?”

“I only had the morning to complete some crucial lyrics, but they seemed to come quick in an old Mission District diner the morning of recording,” Gill of his last-minute moments of creativity leading to the marathon sessions for “Truth In Silence,” his debut album.

Gill arrives onto the music scene at a time when the world needs more heart and less noise, and he delivers this between the notes of the undulating rhythms and unassuming, visceral prose of this collection of personal songs.

The sound of the album couples the quiet inspiration and literary backdrop of Gill’s majestic Blue Mountain hometown and the realisation of Gill’s dream of recording in America.

“I was enraptured at the sense of freedom as I boarded the plane,” he remembers of his trip to San Francisco’s Tiny Telephone studio to make the album. “I was off to capture a special moment in time.” Truth In Silence was produced by Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof, John Vanderslice, Wooden Wand) who captured the entire album in a single day.

“I was stunned how quickly it happened, but it just poured out,” Gill says. “We had so much time left, it allowed me to experiment a little,” he explains of the scenario that led to Magik*Magik Orchestra cellist Michelle Kwon’s appearance on the recordings.

Gill is currently writing the second Redvers album and is already planning a third that he will write on a trip to India later this year. “Truth In Silence” arrives on June 3rd.

May 2 '14
Early Morning Rebel - Howl At The Moon

“This is one of our anthems,” says Early Morning Rebel vocalist and lyricist Nathan Blumenfeld-James of “Howl At The Moon,” the latest track taken from the Los Angeles-based band’s upcoming “Life Boat” EP. The song goes against type when compared to the band’s previous quieter singles. “This song is about needing to be heard, needing to vent.”

“Howl At The Moon” taps into the reality that sometimes the only way to process something without snapping is to scream. More specifically, Blumenfeld-James notes it’s about expressing the frustration of trying to be noticed by the person you are in love with, but doesn’t love you back.

Early Morning Rebel generated lots of attention for itself in 2013 after the band’s “Life Boat” single (called “a track of hopeless beauty” by USA Today) was featured on “Grey’s Anatomy”. The resulting accolades for the song saw Early Morning Rebel becoming a go-to band in the fashion world when it was discovered that their style extended beyond their sound.

Celebrities Kirsten Dunst, Orlando Bloom and Drew Barrymore are just a few that became fans along the way, and press from the likes of Details, BlackBook, Esquire, Nylon, and Vogue Italia followed. “Life Boat” is now the title track for the new Early Morning Rebel EP scheduled for release on April 29th. The singles and videos for “Shallow Breath” and “War On Love” are streaming now.

May 1 '14
Red Wanting Blue - You Are My Las Vegas
Apr 29 '14
Hopscotch "Black & White Horses" (Champagne Remix)

An extremely richly sound designed, after hours offering from Champagne.

Premiere at URB:

Apr 17 '14
Hopscotch "Black & White Horses" (Christopher Norman Remix)

An airy, synth forward, glitch remix from Christopher Norman.

Apr 17 '14
Apr 8 '14
Early Morning Rebel - War On Love

What is a war on love? Nathan Blumenfeld-James of Los Angeles-based trio Early Morning Rebel explains that the band’s new track bearing that title is about “Loving someone enough that you are willing to be wrong for the sake of being happy. It’s about sacrifice and compromise.”

The tune is a good look into the dark pop of this group that generated lots of attention for itself in 2013 after the previous Early Morning Rebel single “Life Boat” was featured on “Grey’s Anatomy”. The resulting accolades for the track saw Early Morning Rebel becoming a go-to band in the fashion world when it was discovered that their style extended beyond their sound.

"Life Boat" is the title track of the new Early Morning Rebel EP, scheduled for released on April 29th, 2014. Blumenfeld-James, along with bandmates Dustin Bath and Joshua Mervin, are also filmakers who shoot, produce, direct, and edit their own videos (though you’d never guess it considering the strength of the production values!) The "War On Love" video is coming soon.